June 2014
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Mark Twain Casino: Victim of hacking!
Wednesday, 11 June 2014
According to “Affinity Gaming”, the owner of Mark Twain Casino located in LaGrange city, in the State of Missouri, their establishment of casino games is among the 11 other casinos victim of computer piracy, affecting its payment system, debit and credit cards. Foods, drinks, other hotel bills or detail purchases are concerned with this credit card hack. Information suggested that, between December 7 to April 28, a certain number of clients of this property along with other establishments located in four other States, are completely unaware of the fact that other people have used their personal data for illegal acts, not in online casino but inside the land based casino.

Among the other victims of the cyber attack, another establishment owned by Affinity Gaming group, the “Saint-Jo Frontier Casino” in Saint-Joseph is also severely hit by the hacking. And that is not all. Another casino in Iowa, three in Colorado and five casinos in Nevada are also part of the list of victims. Affinity Gaming officials now urges their customers who have used their credit cards during their visit in any of these casinos to take measures to protect their identity and other information of a financial nature. On online casino room, free play casino is a manner to discover the quality of service of an operator and a way to earn casino free bonus!

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